• Massage Therapy
  • Body Work​
  • Herbal blends (Herbs for Horses)
  • Exercises to help develop and maintain correct movement

Because your horse is an athlete.

What We Do:

Hi Point Horsemanship works with each individual horse in their care to find a balance both mentally and physically. Each horse is assessed and worked at their own pace. We apply Physical Therapy to every aspect of what we do, each lesson and training session is an opportunity to help our horses feel the best that they can, and enjoy what they do. 


balanced diet with herbal blends to help any unbalances


Components for good health

Physical Therapy

Happy, Healthy Horses. Naturally.

  • Nutrition
  • Socialisation
  • Exercise
  • Correct functional movement
  • Balance in the body and mind

Treatment-  A session will include an overall assessment. The owner will need to give a detailed description of the horses history, feed and supplements, age, medical concerns etc...

The therapist will then use whatever treatment they feel will best help the horse. $50.00 plus GST

Treatment with Movement Analysis and Lesson- Includes a Treatment as well as an exercise schedule to help the horse improve movement. The therapist will work with the owner to give them the tools to help the horse. 

$90.00 plus GST


development of correct movement and use of muscles- for a fit and comfortable horse