If we haven't made it clear yet, Hi Point is made up of a bunch of horse crazy people. Heres a little more about us...

Carla Bergen- Joyce

Carla is a Western Instructor with Equine Canada, CANTRA Basic Instructor working on her Senior Instructor  she is also a CHA Western and English Coach and has a Bachelor in Arts from CMU. 
Carla has ridden with Sarah Southwell for the past 7 years. She has also ridden with Elaine Banfield, John and Josh Lyons Trainers Shawn Seabrook and Sean Patrick, Dominique Barbier (classical dressage), Liz Graves (gaited horse trainer and classical horsemanship), Lynne Poole (Canadian Para Rider, FEI judge, EC coach and master evaluator). Carla rides Western and English, and has competed in Western Dressage on her supringsingly talented grade horse Dixie Chick. Carla has also had a career in driving horses- sleigh rides, carriages, wagons, etc...Carla works hard to to create compassionate relationships with her students and horses. Carla has experience teaching riders of all levels and abilities, her patience and positive approach are what make her an amazing coach and rider. She works with riders to understand and meet their specific goals.

Rylyn DeMarco

Rylyn has her Western Instructor with Equine Canada, and Massage Therapy and Body Work certificate from Karen Saindon. She is halfway through her Equine Studies Certificate through the University of Guelph.
Rylyn has a way with ground work and movement that is highly sought after. She is very patient with all of the horses and people she works with, and exudes a calm energy. She has ridden with Sarah Southwell for the past 6 years. John and Josh Lyons trainers Shawn Seabrook and Sean Patrick, working cow horse trainer Paul Unrau, gaited horse trainer, judge and Equine physical therapist Liz Graves, and classical dressage clinician Dominique Barbier. Rylyn has also successfully show Western Dressage in Manitoba and nationally in the Western Dressage Association of Canada's Virtual Shows, with many awards and Championships on Tidy Cinder Cat. Rylyn is training her young curly horse Cash- who wows everyone who meets him. Rylyn loves to work one on one with horses and riders developing communication and feel that few have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Rachel Young

Rachel is the barn manager/owner of Hi Point and Equestrian Canada Western Instructor. She has her certificate in Equine Massage therapy with Karen Saindon. She is also working on her Equine Studies Certificate at the University of Guelph. Rachel has shown at local fun shows and Western Dressage shows with her handsome Quarter Horse horse Harley, and is starting to get back into some Cow Horse. She has a few Bashkir Curly horses that she is training that she will show along side Harley. She has also been developing a physical therapy re-training program, and has a strong eye for correct and functional movement in the horses she works with, and works on correcting, improving and developing sound movement. 
Rachel has ridden with Sarah Southwell for the past 10 years. She has also worked with John and Josh Lyons trainers Shawn Seabrook and Sean Patrick to name a few. When she can, Rachel spends time at Barbier farms in California riding Prix St George horses with Debra and Dominique Barbier. Rachel's passion is developing horses as Equine partners through correct movement and communication.

Our Coaches

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