Happy, Healthy Horses. Naturally.


Hi Point Horsemanship believes horses can perform without their mental and physical health being jeopardized. We offer positive equine partnerships based on trust and respect, and coaching that helps progress riders. Our barn offers a community of people who love horses, and want to learn all about them.

Our mission at hi point horsemanship...

Imagine a relationship with your horse where the two of you communicate without words, with the smallest adjustment communicating all of your desires to your horse. This is possible, we can have partnerships with our horse based on positive, two way conversation, and we can have a healthy, happy horse that wants to be with us. Hi Point Coaches can show you how. 

Riding in California

Two of our coaches went to California to ride Prix St Goerge horses in lessons with Debra and Dominique Barbier

We've been building strong horse and rider partnerships since 2009! Horseback Riding Lessons near Winnipeg!


Show Season 2016

Our coaches have won numerous championships, awards,  medals, and ribbons in Western and English Dressage!